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When come to online sports betting, or online casino, most users looking for a bookmaker, that offer at least mobile version of the website.

mobile version

Nowadays leading bookmakers offer desktop version, mobile version, mobile app (Android, iOS, or Windows). Mobile version is a good option for those, who want to make a bet, but don’t have a PC, or laptop at his moment. They are outside, on a holiday, at coffee, or on another place, where there is no desktop computer, so its a good alternative to make a mobile bet.

Most bookies follow the new technology and provide easy to use the mobile version of their gambling websites. Functionality is almost the same, like the desctop version, and you can make bets, without any effort.

Mobile version advantages

  • easy to use, where there is no desktop computer or laptop
  • most of bookmakers made a fast-loading mobile versions
  • can make bets, make a deposit, withdraw funds, watch leave streams, watch live events, play online casino
  • you can bet outside home or office, and only need mobile device and internet (you can read for famous bookmakers here)

How to play a mobile version?

You can make it easy. Just open your mobile browser and type for example That’s it. If the website of bookmaker has a mobile version (1xbet has not only a mobile version but Android and iOS Application), you can reach the website.

Most mobile versions of bookmakers have the same functionality, like the desktop version and the difference is a lite version of the website and smaller screen.

Mobile version is a good alternative of mobile phone and tablet user, that want to make bets at places, where there is no PC or laptops, or just prefer mobile devices.

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